Strike 10” Drum

10" Dual-Zone Mesh Head Electronic Drum with Hardware


Ultimate Response. No Limitations.

Drummers demand two things above all else, whether they’re playing electronic drums or acoustic drums: They want their drums to respond precisely and sound great. That’s exactly what Alesis Strike dual-zone mesh heads give you. They combine the feel and familiarity of acoustic drums with the versatility and capability of the electronic drums. These are the perfect heads to bring your e-drums to higher level of responsiveness and feel than you’d ever imagined possible.

Multiple Contact Points and Dynamic Mesh Heads

With Alesis’ exclusive multiple contact points, you’re assured of optimized response and playability. Conventional electronic drum heads have only a single sensor, restricting their response and limiting the drummer’s spontaneity and creativity. Our patented multiple-sensor design evenly distributes sensitivity across the entire drum head to avoid the “hot spots” of single-sensor electronic heads.

Everything you need. Included.

Everything you need is right here—all your hardware and connections. You’ll be playing at your best in no time.

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  • 10” dual-zone mesh head
  • Optimized response for superior playability
  • Patented multisensory design evenly distributes sensitivity across the entire drum head
  • Rack clamp, L-rod and TRS cable included


  • Strike 10" Drum
  • Rack Clamp
  • L-Rod
  • 1/4" TRS Cable
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

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